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Mr. Roberto Garcia an ERVS Owner shared his experience with 3-wheel electric bikes. Mr. Garcia bought his e-bike last November 19, 2019, at Paco Branch, he use his e-bike on the daily basis for almost 2 years and 8 months. Due to the previous pandemic in our country, Mr. Garcia’s E-bike was used as a service to people affected by the pandemic due to the lack of transportation in the country, he helped people to deliver and pick up at the hospital, wet market, and somewhere else, he uses this way to earn income to support in his families need in the pandemic situation and to be able to pay his monthly payment for his e-bike until it fully paid. This pandemic is not an obstacle to the things we want to achieve in the future for Mr. Garcia, he uses this pandemic to full fill his obligation for being a father and a good citizen to help people, He will continue this work to meet the needs of his family and help others. 

Mr. Garcia is very much happy with the service provided by NWOW branch services from the technical service, and check-ups he needed his unit to maintain the good condition of his E-bikes.